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Technology & Leadership

Application Design

The Online Goal
(to create simple to use and revenue generating online applications)

InnovationSpace CTO/CIO executives exceed your company's needs by focusing on REVENUE first, powerful and simple to use online applications. We strive to create internal and customer facing products that are engineered to produce maximum efficiency and profit through simplicity and automations that require minimum upkeep.

Our development teams have worked on: IRS E-File, FEMA, Stripe, NBC, BluHomes, Solar City (Elon Musk company), and is an IRS certified E-File Services integration development company and many more. 


We conduct detailed upfront due diligence via SOW/SRD (statement of work and system resource design) on all technology applications before any development begins to assure and review with clients exactly what is being built, and how they will manage it. These include: system plan overview, user roles, modules/functions, 3rd party integrations, pages & views, automations, timelines, ongoing service and training options, and contract details

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