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What's your American Dream

Symbol Advantage Mission

The "American Dream" according to the Oxford Dictionary; is the ideal by which equality of opportunity is available to any American, allowing the highest aspirations and goals to be achieved. Investopedia adds that homeownership and education are often seen as paths to achieve the American Dream.   

The Symbol Advantage mission is to make the American Dream a reality for more people by making homeownership affordable, accessible, and achievable.  

A 2019 survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors (NAR) found that 90% of homeowners and almost 75% of non-homeowners strongly consider homeownership part of the American Dream. When asked why they do not currently own a home, most non-homeowners said that it was because they were currently unable to afford a mortgage. NAR’s Chief Economist shared that “the lack of affordable and moderately priced homes has forced non-homeowners to delay achieving that part of the American Dream.”  

Symbol Advantage brings homebuyers and affordable homes together on a full-service home-buying platform. By streamlining the homebuying process, home building costs are reduced and more prospective home buyers can meet the mortgage requirements to afford a new, factory-built home. 

From Design to Move-in!

Buy a Factory Built Home Online

Luxury homes at an affordable price with all the curb appeal and options of a new site built home.

Online Design and Pricing

Design, select options, and get a live price (they did it with cars we did it with homes)

Get Ahead

Symbol Advantage homes cost on average 40% less than a site built home but are appraised the same. Meaning much more profit than a site built home

Join the Club

A smarter and more secure way to invest in real estate all in one simple real-time platform to keep you updated from start to finish, and beyond

Get a Loan

Get a 30-year MHA loan for your factory built home with lending programs developed for you

Get a Home Lot

Find a lot where you want to live that right for you and your home.

Customize Your Lot

Add a garage, driveway, walkways, and landscaping to get it ready for your new home, including permit and inspection services

Get Home Furniture & Accessories

We have partnered with America's largest suppliers of home furnishing and accessories at club prices

Kitchen with Marble Island
The Symbol Advantage Difference 


With Symbol Advantage, it's not all about simply "making the sale". If you are someone who values excellent customer service and the highest standards in the industry, we would love to earn your business. We don't build buildings, we build relationships.

Symbol Advantage has an industry-leading web platform in place to ensure that your factory built home, lot, garage, or landscaping is not only an exceptional value, but that it will also meet the specified codes and requirements of your particular locality.

Symbol Advantage and its partners are committed to making a difference for our clients. Let Symbol Advantage help you reach the American dream of homeownership and its advantages!

Explore the Symbol Advantage investment opportunity that offers you the chance to bring the American dream home to more people across the country. Log into the Investor Relations section to review our current proforma and investor deck. If you want your money to “do good” while it grows, Symbol Advantage can be a dream investing opportunity.

Partner With Us to Deliver the American Dream


Symbol Advantage is looking for high-quality partners to offer products and services on our state-of-the-art online home buying platform. From pre-design through long-term homeownership, Symbol Advantage will maintain a relationship with the home buyer to help ensure their homeownership experience exceeds their expectations. If you want to be part of expanding the American Dream, contact us about affiliate opportunities. 

Invest in the American Dream

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