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InnovationSpace engages specific Professional Services Partners to help ensure our customers realize the full potential of their InnovationSpace Plan, Engagement, and if needed Contracted Management.

Support Partners

InnovationSpace provides additional resources to help partners develop clear differentiated solutions for our customers on specific projects.

InnovationSpace Professional Services Program

We are committed to developing and maintaining successful partnerships to enable InnovationSpace solutions successfully throughout all industries. The InnovationSpace Professional Services Partner Program (“IS-PSP Program”) allows our partners to deliver their own brand of professional services for InnovationSpace solutions throughout the client services lifecycle – discovery, planning, deployment, management, maintenance, and operation.
The IS-PSP program is designed to provide partners with training opportunities, sales and delivery support to promote successful deployments of InnovationSpace solutions. The program provides technical, marketing, and commercial benefits to enable Professional Services partners to design and implement complete infrastructure solutions for customers worldwide, with the appropriate InnovationSpace support to minimize project risk, drive customer success and loyalty.

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