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Meetings are scheduled to gain a clear picture of your:

  1. Company’s revenue and market goals

  2. Review purpose, advantages, and product  and/or service offerings

  3. Key personnel and roles

  4. Resources for revenue growth and sustainability

  5. Competition and available market share


Once these meeting are complete an initial outline is created and reviewed with the client before proceeding to the next step


Once an initial outline is created from discovery a plan is created to validate the market, team, and sustainability by:

  1. Validating market data for new consumers either locally or for regional expansion

  2. Creating a validating functional plan for key roles to handle growth without disrupting existing business

  3. Creating a marketing plan based on validated market data and the company's human and capital resources

This is a no-fluff action plan validated to work specifically for your company


The focus is on timely execution with a “proof of performance” approach ensuring:


  1. Initial plan actions are hit

  2. Initial week over week market metrics are hit

  3. Key roles and employees are able to integrate and handle the new and existing functions

  4. Client conversions are hitting initial targets

  5. Customer satisfaction is maintained 

  6. Set interval market and customer data is reviewed and a modified action plan is executed 


Simple implementation of an action plan supports consistent and attainable benchmarks


Good business strategy needs to be sustainable both by employees and the market to achieve long-term goals


  1. Quarterly goals are hit

  2. Success metrics continue to be maintained

  3. New roles and employees are able to handle the continued growth functions

  4. Continued action plan evolution is being maintained

  5. New market and market share items are being identified 


Any solid plan must have a foundation, supporting realistic company bandwidth for extended execution

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