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A Better Understanding of Each Country's Consumer  = More Revenue

Our team bench strength includes top brand leaders in the U.S. as well as local and nationals officials, helping companies small or large grow and sustain new revenue maintaining focus on what the global market demands, such as:

  • Putting in place key relationships for success, we manage and contract in-country relationships required for sustainability 

  • Identifying what your target consumers expect running marketing data test before entering the country to create your brand strategy, language, and appearance to increase product pricing and sales

  • Making sure your product meets that country's actual consumer expectations including imagery, documentation, user manuals, and more

  • Creating timely and reliable fulfillment solutions, country to country and port to port

  • Action plans for clean post sale solutions, support your customers for create more profit


The Quality of Your Brand Should Match the Quality of Your Product

The majority of global online consumers take approximately 10 - 19 seconds to decide to purchase a product online so what they see and read during that time is extremely important. HD pictures are important, but the language behind them is even more so.


Imagery is Everything

If your brand and product language is clear and caters to your consumer, your product images must do the same. This means product photos which speak to the US consumer, feature western models, and support the US local customs and culture. Most brands rely upon a US brand consultant to assist in this.


Shipping & Fulfillment

Getting your products safely and reliably shipped internationally should be priority 1 for you and having a trusted fulfillment partner is easily the most secure method. No amount of brand work matters if you cannot get your products into the hands of consumers safely and affordably.


End to End Market Readiness

Everything your consumer encounters should reflect the domestic culture and language, this is the key to a higher price point and consumers who approach your brand with confidence instead of skepticism.

IS Brand Graph 11-2020.JPG

If you are really serious about building your business and cash flow to grow where others can't - then focusing purely on single market penetration will only get you halfway to your goal.


It is imperative to have a clear plan which also includes larger company development strategies such as:


Brand Presentation

Once your brand language is market-ready, your company should also be ready to present itself directly to the new market. Having a partner on your side to speak on your behalf is paramount to putting your best foot forward.


Market Interaction

Continued market interaction to develop new channels and maintain existing ones is necessary when penetrating multiple sales channels including wholesale and full ecommerce engagement. Amazon may be the largest US ecommerce market, but it is only one of many and is also the most congested.


Brand Management

Consistent management and upkeep of any brand is extremely important for sustained growth and among the most common reasons why international brands fail. Every brand must ask themselves- who will handle a customer dispute should fulfillment fail? Can your brand meet arbitration requirements set by every ecommerce platform, including location and legal? Is your brand ready to handle the daily logistics the market requires of a successful business?


Full Ecommerce

The most robust international brands not only leverage existing ecommerce markets such as Amazon & eBay, but also have their own Ecommerce platform. Would Huawei allow their products and consumer interactions to only be found on TaoBao? To find true international growth means having a permanent international footprint and an Ecommerce space you can call your own.

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