Business Services

Our Only Goal

(is to generate new and sustainable revenue for our clients)

InnovationSpace is a no fluff company. All companies have very specific capital and human resources available to engage new revenue opportunities. InnovationSpace creates action strategies within each company's available resources - NO un-actionable strategies are created here

Client Services

Business Growth - Team Growth - Culture Growth

Rapid Revenue Engagement

  • New market/customer discovery
  • Business market/revenue repositioning
  • Engage close company resources including past clients and potential business alliances to boost new target clients and conversion in 30-45 days

Quick Pivot Marketing

Aggressive Social Engagement Programs

  • Multi-platform social engagement focused on current and new customer demographics
  • Direct market interaction and brand reputation as principal targets.

Online Sales Revenue Generating Websites

  • Increase sales up to 29% with website automations to engage your customers
  • Create quick online sales application for your products and/or services
  • Add automatic reoccurring billing
  • Add online business presence

Brand & Product Repositioning (online or brick and mortar)

  • Maximizing sales for today’s customer
  • Quick brand and product image and text corrects for current target shoppers

Marketing - Campaigns - Interim CMO

Guerrilla Marketing Interim CMO

  • Evaluate corporate goals
  • Evaluate corporate resources
  • Engage required marketing & vendors that meet corporate goals
  • Manage contacts and interactions
  • Manage hand-off to company senior executives

Guerrilla Marketing (Tier 1) – 4 weeks

  • Market evaluation & report
    • Targeted demographic
    • Expected product response
    • Advised brand adjustment
  • Local business marketing & outreach plan
  • SEO strategy for current platform
  • Social media strategy
    • Platform report
    • Suggested content
    • Algorithm adherence

Co-Managed Marketing (Tier 2) – 2 months

  • Market evaluation & report
    • Current demographics & new opportunity markets
    • Ideal local & regional reporting
    • Product evaluation
    • Market footprint report
  • Local & Semi-regional business marketing/ outreach plan
  • SEO strategy for current platform(s)
  • Social media strategy & initial content development
    • Platform report
    • First week post development
    • Demographic specific engagement
    • Algorithm adherence
  • Marketing strategy hand-off for independent management

Enterprise marketing (Tier 3) – 4 months

  • Market evaluation & report
    • Current demographics & new opportunity markets
      • User Personas
      • Expanded color stories
    • Ideal local & regional targeting
    • International market report (where applicable)
    • Product evaluation
    • Full brand evaluation for targeted market
    • Market footprint report
  • Local & regional business marketing/outreach campaign
  • Email marketing/communications campaign
    • On-brand message development
    • Consumer response message development
  • Multi-media ad campaign
  • Hosting & Managed Services
  • SEO strategy
  • Social media management
    • Cross-platform post support
    • Weekly post development
    • Demographic-specific engagement
    • Algorithm adherence
  • Weekly marketing traction report

Advanced Technology - Web & Mobile - Interim CTO/CIO

Interim CTO/CIO (for this service see Online & Web Services Page)

  • Evaluate corporate director’s digital pains, goals, and/or evolution
  • Evaluate corporate operational and budgetary resources, and time goals
  • Align digital initiates, vendors, and teams to corporate goals (not the other way around)
  • Engage required development & vendors that meet corporate goals

Web, Mobile, and Internal Applications (also see Online & Web Services Page)

  • All applications include an in-depth due diligence for pains, goals, and/or transitional steps
  • Detailed cashflow, risk, and operational evaluations when moving from an old technology to not disrupting current business or cash flow
  • Upfront project R&D, cost, and timeline line-out

Web Application (Tier 1) – 4 weeks

  • Development of website with adaptive mobile application
  • Simple content management
  • Lead management and lead flow control
  • Management of all types of image, video, or audio media
  • One of the following key features:
    • Booking and Appointments
    • Complete/simple e-commerce for sales & subscriptions (single admin 1-20 products)
    • Content sharing or blogs
  • Hosting and maintenance included

Web, Mobile, and Internal Application (Tier 2) – 2 to 4 months

  • Development of multi-role web applications
  • SHA512-SALT encryption security (required for government integrations)
  • Mobile app in Android and Apple app stores
  • Data integration to or conversions from 3rd part application (like Salesforce)
  • 3rd party data integration (such as IRS E-File, RETS/IDX, accounting, marketing, fulfillment, merchant system, etc)
  • Distributed payment gateways
  • System wide automations for communications, workflows, and user experience flows
  • Lead management and lead flow control
  • Management of all types of image, video, or audio media
  • live video call integrations with booking and appointments
  • Complete e-commerce for sales, subscriptions, and fulfillment
  • Content sharing or blogs
  • Hosting and maintenance included
  • User admin dashboard with consumer sign-up and dashboards (for business revenue or lead management and communication functions)
  • Automated promotions
  • Tier 2 monthly monitoring, updates, and dedicated hosting

Global Enterprise Applications (Tier 3)

  • Including International transaction and payouts
  • Common applications hosted in multiple countries (including China)
  • Broad e-commerce and brand management in China
  • Live currency exchange in 53 countries including the Yuan

Brand & Product Strategy

Brand Design & Update

  • Market impressions
  • Color & logo development
  • Additional market penetration
  • Brand language support
Product Strategy
  • Customer traction ratings
  • Customer COA enhancement
  • Sourcing & Manufacturing development
  • Packaging Support

M&A and Strategic Partnerships

  • Align with non-competitive businesses for rapid growth
  • Acquire competition strategically
  • Multiply consumer base through alliances

Warehousing, Fulfillment, & Logistics

  • Complete Door-to-Door Solutions
    • Sales fulfillment
    • Full service warehouse & shipping services
    • Complex Customs
    • International Warehousing
    • Air & Sea Freight Requirements
  • Overseas Fulfillment Management
  • Tariff Navigation
  • Courier Communications

Capital Raise & Campaigns

Investment/Investor CFO Package (Tier 1) 4 weeks (in the last 24 months InnovationSpace packages have led to over 30 completed rounds of funding)

  • Investor Centric Documents
    • Executive Summary
    • Marketing Summary
    • Projection Proforma
    • Deck 1 (teaser deck with ask/give)
    • Investment Conversion Agreement
  • Investment Website
    • Including brand media, user management, deck 1 slideshow, with deck 2 and meeting request forms
    • Investor login are with plans, deck, login area for investor deck request and viewing
Co-Managed Capital Raise CFO Package 2 and Management (Tier 2) 2-3 months
  • Investment/investor Package 1
  • Deck 2 (meeting deck with Network-FX, visual financial projects, and supporting the business facts pages)
  • Investment evaluation & report from corporate partners and network investors
  • Current investment markets
  • Ideal local angel engagement types - Investment documents to support each type of conversion and deal preference
  • Pitch training
  • Investment co-pitch services
  • Ongoing investment package refinement for different types of investors and capital raising in different regions (while under contract or if board/equity arrangement)


Our team includes some of the top business leaders in U.S., helping companies small or large grow and sustain new revenue while focusing on the people behind and purpose of each business which is:

  • What is the minimum needed to create profit

  • What can be managed by the client

  • Work within the resources of the client to increase profitability

If you are really serious about building your business and cash flow to grow where others can't then you’ll really want to upgrade to an InnovationSpace Interim Management Plan with seasoned successful leaders to rapidly expand your business with. 

Marketing for cash flow 

  • Demographic specific targeted marketing


How to correctly target sales

  • New, reoccurring, and past clients


Corporate development & business alliances for profit

  • Align with other synergistic businesses for faster growth


Increase sales conversion utilizing social media

  • What works and what doesn't 


Promote Your business with precision 

  • Feature your services, products, and events correctly


Connect with business specialists

  • In your industry and in your area


Today's small to mid-sized businesses are at risk. InnovationSpace civically addresses the math of business as it relates to financial impact against reserves and decline duration (the two most important initial data points). The purpose is to understand the variables to create multiple aggressive business triage strategies that focus on cash/credit retention and fast shifting to a revenue model that excels in this social distancing and online world.


We strive to create products that are engineered to produce profit with maximum automation for minimum upkeep, that last over time and on budget every time... subsequently creating value for our clients and their customers.


Our team has worked on projects for FEMA, Stripe, NBC, BluHomes, Solar City (Elon Musk company), and is an IRS certified E-File Services development company and many more.