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Business Meeting

The Goal
(is to grow new and sustainable revenue)

InnovationSpace is a no fluff group of top corporate leaders and executives. All companies have very specific capital and human resources available to engage new revenue opportunities. InnovationSpace creates action strategies within each company's available resources - NO un-actionable strategies are created here


Our team includes some of the top business leaders in U.S., helping companies small or large grow and sustain new revenue while focusing on the people behind and purpose of each business which is:

  • What is the minimum needed to create profit

  • What can be managed by the client

  • Work within the resources of the client to increase profitability

If you are really serious about building your business and cash flow to grow where others can't then you’ll really want to upgrade to an InnovationSpace Interim Management Plan with seasoned successful leaders to rapidly expand your business with. 

Marketing for cash flow 

  • Demographic specific targeted marketing


How to correctly target sales

  • New, reoccurring, and past clients


Corporate development & business alliances for profit

  • Align with other synergistic businesses for faster growth


Increase sales conversion utilizing social media

  • What works and what doesn't 


Promote Your business with precision 

  • Feature your services, products, and events correctly


Connect with business specialists

  • In your industry and in your area


Today's small to mid-sized businesses are at risk. InnovationSpace civically addresses the math of business as it relates to financial impact against reserves and decline duration (the two most important initial data points). The purpose is to understand the variables to create multiple aggressive business triage strategies that focus on cash/credit retention and fast shifting to a revenue model that excels in this social distancing and online world.


We strive to create products that are engineered to produce profit with maximum automation for minimum upkeep, that last over time and on budget every time... subsequently creating value for our clients and their customers.


Our team has worked on projects for FEMA, Stripe, NBC, BluHomes, Solar City (Elon Musk company), and is an IRS certified E-File Services development company and many more.

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